A talk with Douglas Rushkoff

I recently had a conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, a theorist of post-capitalism, especially in tech and media. It was a joyous exploration of ideas.

Our talk touched on the origins of the relationship between capitalism and government, the financial crisis, cooperative banking, alternative currencies, resilience in the ecological collapse, democratic confederalism (of Bookchin and Ocalan), Mondragon and cooperative business, self-government in Rojava, taking on Hobbes, mutuality when authority collapses, alienation and the origins of fascism, the utopian imagination, Occupy Wall Street, the inevitability of financial crisis and emergence of a new post-capitalist paradigm. This is the kind of thing I find fun.

Here’s the link – https://www.teamhuman.fm/episodes/274-carne-ross

Carne Ross | Team Human

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