Massive Mondragon shows that coops can work at scale

This is a good report on Mondragon, Spain’s massive coop in the Basque country. Teeth-suckers always argue that you cannot take coops to scale i.e. have big ones. Mondragon proves them wrong. It’s one of Spain’s largest companies, from buses to banking. The bosses are paid no more than eight times the lowest paid. Their philosophy is that jobs are more important than making as much money as possible. Radical. Buck’s report is about how Mondragon dealt with a part of its business that was failing. Read on. It’s inspiring.

When he looks out of his office window, Javier Sotil can take in the triumph and tragedy of the Mondragon group in one sweeping view. In the valley below, surrounded by the forest-covered peaks of the Basque Country, is a dense…
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