Note on Writing: Fear

Today’s note on writing What is to be Done is about fear. I’ve been having a recurring dream. I’m appearing in a Shakespeare play. Vain as ever, I’m playing the leading role. In some versions of the dream, I’m playing Hamlet; more recently, an historic king, though it’s not clear which one. It’s the night before the opening, and we’re about to have a dress rehearsal. The only problem is that it dawns on me that I don’t know my lines. In all the excitement, I haven’t bothered to learn them. Attention seeker that I am, I’ve told everyone about the play and my role, and I realise that everyone will realise that I’m a total fraud! Then I wake up, in a state of panic and anxiety.

Hopefully now I’ve written it down, I won’t have it again.
This week has seen momentum slow, as I’ve gone back to work and have to make time in the early mornings or evenings to write. Which is annoying.

But on we go.

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