What is to be done?

Today, to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee (not), I am starting to write a long-planned book, provisionally titled ‘What is to be done?’. I’ve been preparing it for years and am now finally getting to the drafting stage. It’s a book that aims to bring together ideas, old and new, to address the present ‘meta crisis’ of democracy, capitalism and the environment, hopefully presenting the solution as a coherent – if multi-parted – whole. And, at this point at least, I’m aiming to share the story of the book’s preparation in public. We’ll see whether it works. I’m a bit nervous about it to be honest. But here goes. Part of the point of sharing the process in public is to encourage reaction and advice. So feel free to comment. I would be grateful.

One thought on “What is to be done?

  1. Hi Carne,
    I heard your podcast with Alexei Sayle and have been thoroughly inspired – your ideas are very in line with how I’m thinking at the moment, so thank you! I’m keen to devour this book so wondering when it’s coming out – any ideas?

    I notice you wanted reaction and advice – sorry I don’t have much advice, except that I remember David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs came out as a pamphlet well before the book, and paved the way for the book, so I wondered if that might be a way to get your ideas out there sooner while the full book comes together.. (also feeds into my impatience ;-))


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