10.23.10 |   I participated in a press briefing on Sudan in Washington on Friday 23 October after the US government briefing (Gen Scott Gration, the US Special Envoy and others). The other NGO experts are particularly worth listening to. Suliman Baldo has unparalleled experience and wisdom to offer. Pretty much everyone is worried about the possibility of renewed North/South conflict.  Suliman reminds us that the conflict in Darfur never stopped.  I was also struck by several press... more
01.15.10 | The ID team was very pleased this year that "Independent Diplomacy" was recognized by the Harvard Business Review as one of the top ten breakthrough ideas of 2010.  Our premise was straightforward: as globalization puts all of us at the whim of forces that do not recognize traditional geopolitical borders, the power of states is in decline and the power of non-state political actors is rising. This phenonenom directly challenges the underpinnings of organizations like the UN Security... more
11.16.09 | I posted this story on the Huffington Post about the alarming consequences of a misinterpreted interview with the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  In 2009, Mrs. Clinton visited Morocco. While there, she gave an interview, unreported here in the US, praising Morocco's human rights record and appearing to endorse the Bush administration's policy to support Morocco's plan for the Western Sahara. Morocco has been illegally occupying the Western Sahara since invading in 1975 In my work... more
10.28.09 | A few months ago, I was asked to speak at the Business Innovation Factory’s BIF-5 Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, Rhode Island.  This is the best short-hand, video version of the story of the birth of Independent Diplomat.     It has since been uploaded onto the TED video site; here's the link.     more