Everyone’s worried about Sudan, and with reason – DC Press briefing


I participated in a press briefing on Sudan in Washington on Friday 23 October after the US government briefing (Gen Scott Gration, the US Special Envoy and others). The other NGO experts are particularly worth listening to. Suliman Baldo has unparalleled experience and wisdom to offer. Pretty much everyone is worried about the possibility of renewed North/South conflict.  Suliman reminds us that the conflict in Darfur never stopped.  I was also struck by several press questions suggesting that the imminent referendums and – likely – separation of a new state in the South is some kind of Western plot eg the first question after the expert presentations, from Al Jazeera.   My input starts at about about 22 minutes in.

http://www.state.gov/video/?videoid=6454 35097001


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