The Story of Independent Diplomat

A few months ago, I was asked to speak at the Business Innovation Factory’s BIF-5 Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, Rhode Island.  This is the best short-hand, video version of the story of the birth of Independent Diplomat.  


It has since been uploaded onto the TED video site; here's the link.




thanks for sharing

People can always do things

People can always do things apart from their field. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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This happened to British

This happened to British cables after 9/

It is said that diplomacy was

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This short article provides a

This short article provides a rare pleasure - a profound, concise and it appears wholly unintended yet devastating insight into the true nature of the current economic and cultural system (a similar insight is to be found in the revelation that a toothbrush I recently bought came with a pass4sure 642-813 tests CD-rom with which to programme the device). Such signs are perhaps faint signals of the very death of capitalism - or at the least the death of our sense of the absurd. I shall try to forbear from further comment, for I think the interview speaks for itself. The item appeared in a regular FT series about people with unusual jobs

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